• D4RF系列

  • CD2H系列

  • UR系列

  • Z4系列

  • D3WF_banner

  • TD1系列

  • CDA系列

  • 新一代光纤放大器D1RF_V2RF系列

  • GVS系列

  • 耐环境型高精度光栅式接触位移传感器 LG100系列

  • 激光位移传感器CDX系列

  • 激光传感器TOF-DL系列

  • 激光传感器BGS-H(D)L系列

  • C-R系列

  • MVS

  • LS 2D测量传感器

  • 高速·高精度激光扫描型非接触式尺寸测量仪

  • photosensor / Photoelectric Sensor. Large variety of products including M8/M12 QD types
prepared in NPN/PNP output.


  • Laser sensor. Laser light is ideally fit to accurate sensing like BGS
(background Suppression) . Optex FA provides largest variety
of BGS and FGS sensing sensors.


  • Fiber Sensor. Not only Digital types but also potentiometer tuning types
are prepared in large selection in NPN/PNP in cabled and M8QD types.


  • Displacement Sensors. Optex FA's displacement sensors provide easy operations navigated
in its amplifiers. CD5 is the state-of-the-art giving high secs while CD33 is best-in-class product seeking for low cost solutions.


  • 图像传感器

  • LED照明

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